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Infertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

Every person’s journey to and in parenthood is unique and does not always follow the vision you set out for yourself. You might be feeling anxious, hopeless, isolated, angry or as though you have lost all sense of control. Or perhaps you are grieving. There can be many complex emotions that come with the decision to expand your family and I feel passionate about helping individuals navigate and process every decision and stage of their family building journey. Infertility, pregnancy loss, and challenges with pregnancy and the postpartum period can often be overlooked, minimized, and misunderstood, even by those with the best of intentions. Whether your path includes pregnancy, loss, infertility, third party reproduction, adoption, or the decision to be childfree, both by choice or by circumstance, I am here.

I am here to offer support, help you feel heard and work with you to develop the skills to feel more in control of your life. Becoming and being a parent can challenge you in both difficult and beautiful ways. You deserve to prioritize your health and well-being so that you can live fully and meaningfully as a present and emotionally available parent.


​When walking through infertility and postpartum struggles, therapy can often include:

  • Navigating issues that may arise in your relationships

  • Support, listening, and validation 

  • Identifying coping skills

  • Addressing negative or self destructive thinking

  • Discussions around decisions regarding next steps, treatment options, etc. 

  • Working on being a strong self-advocate


I come to therapy as collaborative, non-judgmental and empathetic and hold space for you to sit with and process your natural, emotional responses. I understand that making the decision to begin therapy can sometimes come with feelings of hesitancy but with the right support, we have the ability to grow and thrive through our struggles.

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