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Forensic Consulting

I have extensive experience consulting with legal teams as a forensic social worker and mitigation specialist, work that was recognized through the receipt of the 2020 “Social Worker of the Year” award, presented by the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center.

In this capacity,I am able to:

  • Offer case consultation for the purpose of assisting the team in developing case strategies

  • Document and interpret symptoms of mental and behavioral impairment

  • Conduct assessments to identify issues interfering with the client’s current and past functioning

  • Assist the defense in developing recommendations specific to the clients needs concerning release plans, treatment options, case preparation, sentencing options, and more

  • Identify psychosocial influences and patterns in the client’s development and behavior

  • Collect collateral information, including social and family history, through mitigation interviews

  • Identify, request, and review records, evaluations and reports, as well as analyze the significance of the information relevant to the client’s case and circumstances

  • Work directly with the attorney in identifying and hiring medical, mental health, and cognitive disability experts specific to the client’s needs, providing collateral information, interpreting evaluation reports and preparing for testimony

  • Advocate for the client, both verbally and through written reports, in court and other settings at the attorney’s request

  • Perform additional responsibilities as mutually agreed upon

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